Provisional to Permanent Licensure


Once you believe that you have met the post-doctoral requirements for permanent licensure (1,500 post doctoral hours AND a minimum of 1 calendar year - i.e. 12 months of practice), you should complete the APPLICATION FORM to move from Provisional to Permanent Licensure. In most cases, the Board already has documentation to verify the pre-doctoral year, but include both the post-doctoral year as well as the pre-doctoral year on the application. The Board can make a determination regarding creditable hours for permanent status and health services provider certification only after you make application for such, and the required documentation from supervisors is received. DO NOT have your supervisor complete a regular Supervision Report form.  A specialized report form, which is not available on the Board's website, will be mailed to your supervisor once your provisional to permanent licensure application materials have been received. 

Additionally, pursuant to G.S. 90-270.20(b), any permanently Licensed Psychologist who provides or offers to provide health services to the public must also be certified as a health services provider psychologist (HSP-P). Therefore, you also must submit an APPLICATION FOR HEALTH SERVICES PROVIDER.

 HSP certification does NOT transfer between levels of licensure. The $50 application fee must be remitted with each application or reapplication of HSP certification.


You are reminded that you must continue to meet supervision requirements until permanent licensure is granted. Feel free to contact the Board office if you have questions or if the Board may be of assistance to you.