Licensee System

Update Personal information, Online License Renewals and Online Filing of Renewal Supervision Reports


If you are required to have a Supervision Contract on file with the Board (i.e. LPAs, and Provisionally Licensed Psychologists), you also can now electronically both file renewal supervision reports and renew your license online.

In order to renew your license online and file supervision reports, you must have a current email address on file with the Board. If your email address on file with the Board is no longer current, please complete the following form and submit to the Board as soon as possible for updating:  Update/Add Email Address 

IMPORTANT: If your business address is linked to an active Supervision Contract, any changes in your work setting must be sent to the Board. Board staff must review any changes to determine if a new Supervision Contract needs to be submitted. If a new Supervision Contract is required, you will be notified by email and provided a link to the Supervision Contract form to complete and submit to the Board. Supervision Contract forms cannot be submitted electronically and must be mailed to the Board office.

TO RENEW YOUR LICENSE: Please follow the steps below to access the online system:

  1. Access the new licensee system at:
  2. After you enter your license number and name, you will be prompted to select an email account to which a send a verification code will be sent
  3. You will receive an email with your verification code that you will need to enter to login to the online system (NOTE: If you do not see the email with the verification code in your inbox, please check your email junk/spam folder)
  4. Once logged on to the online system, the Welcoming Screen will present three (3) choices.

Choice 1: Please verify your contact information, make any needed updates (e.g. enter a mobile phone number and click the Save button.
Choice 2: If you are required to file supervision reports or approve supervision reports click on this link to begin the supervision report process
Choice 3: Click this link to complete your renewal online

Please contact the Board staff at or call (828) 262-2258 during business hours if you encounter any issues using the online system.

If you wish to renew by mail, paper renewal forms will be mailed out in September.


NC Psychology Board Staff